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Press release 2023-11-14 

Accessibility Business, the new accessibility consultancy firm driven by Magnus Berglund previous accessibility ambassador and director at Scandic Hotels, is now realising a completely new database covering the largest and most attractive tourist attractions in the Nordic capital cities. The database includes direct links to each company´s accessibility offers in a database system.  

Accessibility Business have launched the database to both promote the tourism industry in the Nordics and help tourists that need more information regarding accessibility. This is where you will be able to find accessibility information on tourism in all Nordic capital cities, except Reykjavik.  

We know how time-consuming finding information regarding accessibility can be, when travelling to another country, or just to another city for meeting or leisure. In this database, we follow the guest’s journey from landing at the airport to leaving with transport from airport to the hotel. Planning before going on an excursion such as a museum or to an amusement park, cruise ships and sightseeing. In the database you will find all the accessibility information that companies has provided on their websites. Instead of searching the website for adequate information on by one, we have gathered them all in the database. This will make the planning of your trip a lot easier.  

The database is primarily built for the Nordics, four countries and eight cities and more than 130 links and more is coming, except Iceland. With the database it will be easier to find information when traveling to larger cities in the Nordics individually or in groups. Our goal is to add more countries, cities and attractions in the future.  

If you have a company within the hospitality industry and want to include your accessibility information in the database, please get in touch. We do not charge anything to be included in the database, it is a service to help those looking for accessibility information – and make it accessible.  
We especially welcome more hotels to send in their accessibility offers for us to add to the database.  

One of the reasons to why we have produced this database is because we´ve met thousands of people with different accessibility needs. Everyone we have met during that last ten years say that accessibility information is what you miss the most when you travel. Traveling should be accessible for everyone.  

Please visit our database and reach out to us, together we can make the Nordics more accessible.