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We help you go from words to action. Together, we make accessibility part of your business. We highlight challenges that exist but also existing opportunities to get more satisfied guests and employees and increase the number of visits.

Action plan for

your business

Action plan for your business

We review your business from a disability perspective and draw up an action plan. 

Examples of concrete measures can then be an accessibility standard for your business, with customised information on the website, training and support to ensure more inclusive recruitment. 

Education and programme

Education and programme

By understanding your area of ​​operation, we can find out what accessibility means for you. What does your target group look like and what kind of disabilities might they have? What proportion of the population has some forms of functional variation today and how do we treat our guests? How can we provide the best possible service? And what can we do to get more satisfied guests, visitors and employees? All information is important in a training tailored specifically to your employees and business. 

 The training is adapted to your specific departments, for example reception, restaurant and the sales department. The training material can also be provided in digital formats to use when on-boarding employees and/or on your intranet. 

International speaker

International speaker

Magnus Berglund is an international speaker with many years of experience in giving lectures for companies and organisations, nationally and internationally. He’s given over three hundred talks over the years with experience of speaking at the UN in Vienna, for the European Network for Accessible Tourism, in Norway and the European Union.


In an inviting and captivating way, he talks about his own journey woven with experiences in disability and accessibility and how daily operations can be imbued with a welcoming and permissive manner towards everyone. The lectures are adapted to your field of activity and make it relevant to you.

Sustainable business with accessibility

We help you create the conditions to achieve desired results by putting customers social sustainability in focus.

Magnus Berglund

CEO and founder of Accessibility Business

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